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“We want to ensure that the role of containerization in revolutionizing global trade is recognized rightly as one of the most significant commercial events in world history. The roots of the container revolution grew from one simple idea acted on 50 years ago by a humble truck driver from North Carolina – Malcom McLean. Today’s world economy and our modern retail society would not exist without the container industry’s incredible advancement over the past half-century.”

– Michael B. Berzon, HOC Foundation Chairman.



The HOC Foundation was established in 2005 by transportation industry leaders in cooperation with the Containerization & Intermodal Institute (CII) to capture and preserve the history of the development and evolution of the sea-going shipping container and the industry it created. We will create a permanent exhibit for viewing by future generations, including input from many individuals around the world who played a direct role in the development of containerization since the 1950s.

We are dedicated to showing how one simple idea of containerization revolutionized ocean shipping and dramatically expanded the pathways of global trade. Our history initiative will include the gala event and a permanent museum exhibition, along with the publication of a book by CII and the Journal of Commerce on the first 50 years of containerization. Other programs include a living history on video being produced by the Commonwealth Policy Institute Network (CPIN) and its director, Randolph G. Flood.

The HOC Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization.

For more information on how you can help us achieve our goals, please call (866) 520-HOCF or e-mail info@hocfoundation.net.

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